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Summer is not so far, but with a new season you have new adventures and experiences. So why wouldn’t you discover your passion and try out wakeboarding? No excuses, get in shape, because after an extreme ride chicks will be totaly checking you out. This is a water sport combined with a mix of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing. The rider is towed behind a motorboat, typically at speeds of 17–24 miles per hour, depending on the water conditions, board size, rider’s weight, type of tricks, and rider’s comfort speed. This speed could also depend on the year, make, and model of the boat because some boats, which are not designed for wakeboarding, create a different size wake which the rider may not be comfortable with. Through time if you get along with this sport you can go for learning some awesome tricks. There are many things you can learn to make your ride more attractive and exciting. As much fun as it is, wakeboarding is an inherently dangerous sport. You must be protected with a helmet and a USCG Approved jacket. Express the highest level of adrenalin water can offer you and share your experiences with us.


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