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Stratosphere Amusement Park Las Vegas

Ready for new experiences? Full of adrenalin, full of entertainment and, these awesome rides in Stratosphere will blow your mind. Stratosphere is a tower, hotel, and casino located on Las Vegas Boulevard. Its tower is also the tallest observation tower, and the 9th-tallest freestanding structure, in the United States. So this is an option where you could stay while facing the experiences. While talking about the rides, there are many of them for you to experience such as:
The Big Shot - feel this ride 160 feet in the air at 45 miles per hour as you overlook the majestic Las Vegas Valley. In a matter of seconds, the Big Shot thrill ride catapults 16 riders from the 921-foot high platform up the Tower’s mast to a height of 1,081 feet and down again.
Insanity Ride - 64 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower at a height of over 900 feet, in the open air at speeds of up to three ‘G’s and an angle of 70 degrees, this ride will enthuse you.
X-Scream - Its space age, yet simplistic design resembles a massive teeter-totter or a Vegas rollercoaster unlike any other ever seen. X-Scream propels you and several other riders headfirst, 27 feet over the edge and 866 feet above the ground. Scary yet? After being shot over the edge, you’ll dangle weightlessly above the Las Vegas Strip before being pulled back and propelled over again for more.

Tickets to ride the Big Shot, Insanity and X Scream are $31. Tickets for two rides are $26. An all-day ride pass is also available for $34. All of these packages include admission to the Stratosphere Tower. Front-of-the-line passes are also available for an additional $10. Don’t be a sissy, come and enjoy your life, scream your soul out while having the time of your life. This is a life changing destination for having fun so enjoy the images below along with a video and you will be convinced to come.
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