Sun Scream

Thorpe Park in London

When people look back on their childhood they regret how they spent it, and they don’t understand why they wanted to grow up so fast. So we found this attractive park in London, the Thorpe Park, where you can go back and be a child at least for a day. Take a little cash from your wallet, and dedicate some time to London’s biggest attraction. You can expect plenty of thrilling experiences and events with a big smile. On the Thorpe Parks official site you can book your visit, find it on this link and take a ride back to your childhood. If you are having a trip to London and planning to have some fun, there are many hotels near the park you can also book here. The music played at Thorpe park is a combination of commercial tracks, library music and commissioned music. Some special events are:
* Fright Nights - For a period during October the park opens until 10 pm on peak days to allow guests to ride in the dark. To continue the loose Halloween celebration, special temporary attractions such as scare mazes are constructed for the event.
* Thorpe Blast - Usually active in early November, all attractions remain open until 8 pm and a fireworks display with popular music end the night—hence the name, Thorpe Blast.
* Sun Scream - Sun Scream is a Dr Pepper sponsored event during August which offers ‘stunts, rides and festival vibes’. During this time various shows and events take place throughout the park.
* Cirque du Freak/Twisted Carnival/THORPE PARK Mash Up - An annual event that takes place during Easter, past acts have included Flawless, Skate Naked, Aerial Acrobatics and contortion.
* Head Rush - An extreme sporting event involving motocross stunts. Based in the Arena at Thorpe Park you can witness daredevils take to the ramps on motorbikes in a freestyle motocross bonanza.
* Thorpe Park Blows It Up - An extreme firework show, just be surprised.
* Reload: Under 18′s Club Night - The park held an event so people under 18 could experience a club night with a select few rides open.
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