Speed Riding

If you love skiing and you are ready to take it to the next level, then speed riding is perfect for you. It may not come off as dangerous as it seems to be if you are riding through the clear area, but if you want to make it more extreme there are paths on steep mountains that make you go crazy. The biggest risk of an injury is hitting a stone or a tree, but what you experience during the ride is worth the danger. Just imagine yourself jumping and gliding from one downhill to another with your ski. Ofcourse there is a special Speed Glider on your back to slow your movement, but it does not make this attraction less extreme. The Speed Glider is similar, but only half the size of a paraglider. So these small wings are designed to make you closer to the ground, at speeds of 20 to 90 miles (30 to 145 kilometres) per hour. The price of the wing ranges from $1500 to $2000 while the weight goes from 2 to 4 kilograms. Proper equipment such as helmets, padded harnesses, and reserve parachutes can help reduce injuries. Advanced wing and ski trainings are an important requirement for this sport. So if you don’t know where to spend your next holiday, try finding some ski resort for obtaining a new experience.
Below you can see some more cool photos displaying the sport along with a video.
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