road to hana

Hana Highway, Hawaii

Today we bring you something completely different. Instead of a destination, we would like to present to you the road to a destination. We decided to do this since this 52-mile, serpentine Road to Hana on Maui’s eastern coast is consistently ranked as one of the most scenic drives in the world. It can take upwards of three hours to navigate the road, built in 1926, from Kahului in the north to Hana in the south. It is also highly recommended to fuel up in Paia, the last sizable town before the highway. But the slow pace is to tourists’ benefit. On the lush jungle road, it just means more time to stop and smell the ginger blossoms.

Guidebooks often devote large sections to traveling the highway leading to the eastern side of Maui and document the many waterfalls and attractions that can be found along the way. Some of these attractions lie within or through private property and will often have “no trespassing” signs posted or even signs claiming that the attraction does not exist. All beaches in Hawaii are public. Some guidebooks document the “keep out” areas and ways past barbed wire fences and locked gates to reach attractions. At the end of the H?na Highway (actually past Hana in a clockwise direction around eastern Maui) is the ?Ohe?o Gulch, also known as the “Seven Sacred Pools”. This series of waterfalls and pools is located inside the Haleakala National Park.

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