Parahawking in Nepal

Parahawking is an activity that combines paragliding with falconry. Birds of prey are trained to fly with paragliders, guiding them to thermals for in-flight rewards and performing aerobatic maneuvers. Imagine yourself flying with birds above mountains. Fresh air is carrying you through the nature that surrounds you, and you have the ability to invoke a bird, that is flying with you all the time, on your hand.

The place we are talking about is located in Sarankot, Pokhara in Nepal. The team started by training two black kites, but have since added 2 Egyptian vulture Kevin and Bob, to the team. The birds are not kidnapped or taken from the nature, they were being rescued and well trained so you can enjoy the feeling that is priceless. Parahawking supports vulture conservation, they donate approx $10 from every Parahawking Tandem Adventure Flight to Vulture conservation projects in Nepal. If you are interested you can book your flight, as well as see the prices and time when you can come here. There is no words to describe this adventure, if you have just a bit of the ‘live your life to the fullest’ spirit then this is something purely for your enjoyment.

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