paragliding from the top of mont blanc

Paragliding From the Top of Mont Blanc

Climbing Mont Blanc is a great challenge and definitely a great adventure, but from early spring to November the weather is perfect for something more challenging, climbing the mountain (which reaches the height of 4,810 meters/15,782 ft) with a paraglider and then crossing the terrain and coming down by the flying method. There are numerous ways to climb Mont Blanc. The most common route taken by paragliding pilots is from the Aiguille du Midi. If you are experienced in this sport then you have a choice of landing in Italy, France or Switzerland, because you have enough time to think about landing options, since there is an hour of gliding along the Massif du Mont Blanc. Of course you have to be informed and careful because the weather can change very fast, so always check the forecast(although they can’t always give you correct info about the winds). Also you need to know some basic information like:
- This mountain is heavily crevassed and at high altitude. Crampons, ice axe and rope are essential.
- The temperature can be very cold so take warm clothing.
- Plenty of water should be carried. It is easy to become dehydrated quickly at altitude.
- Go with pilots who have high mountain skills. It is recommended taking a mountain guide.
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