Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

This is the romantic place everybody wants to visit. Not far from the Ukrainian regional center Rivne there is a town known as Klevan. The main attraction of it is one of the most romantic places in the world called “The Tunnel of Love”. This is in fact a train tunnel. The track, which is rarely used by trains, has been reclaimed by nature, with a thick canopy of trees growing around and overhead. During the warm months of the year the trees planted next to each other form a fairy green tunnel along one kilometer long section of the railway.

The tunnel is very popular among lovers who like to make a wish and kiss there. If the love is sincere, then the wish will come true. Not a lot of people seem to know very much about the tunnel, or have ever heard of it at all, making it a well-kept secret. There is nothing to wait for, visiting this place will be something you will always gladly remember. It is just the type of place that can bring your emotions to the surface, so that you can feel the love of not only your partner, but of everybody visiting the place.

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