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Glass Walkway at China’s Tianmen Mountain Park

This is something for the people who really love extreme experiences in their lives. If you are afraid of heights then seeing the photos will be enough for you, maybe even a little too much. This path in China’s Tianmen Mountain national park offers visitors a unique adventure. The floor and rails of the pathway are composed of glass, offering walkers a vertigo-inducing look at the sheer drops and wilderness below. The walkway spans three feet wide, and is composed of glass that is 2.5-inches thick.

The path is approximately 200 feet (61 meters) long, and is raised almost a mile into the air at about 4700 feet
(1430 meters), and is often compared to the Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona, USA. The passage joins the west cliff at the Yunmeng Fairy summit, where Tianmen Mountain and Zhang Jiajie meet. Visitors are requested to wear shoe covers to keep the glass transparent and clean. The walkway is just one of the lures to the beauty spot. Tianmen Mountain takes its name from a huge natural cave half way up. Literally translated, Tianmen means Heavenly Gate Mountain. There’s one of the longest cable cars to help tourists to get around the national park.

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