Pyramids of Giza

We always say that the earlier times were simpler, but after seeing a world wonder like this you will most definitely change your mind about that. It is an extraordinary place with historical significance. Pyramids of Giza Are located in Egypt beside Cairo and if you find a nicely located hotel you will even be able to see them from your window. It is really something else, and will surely make you wonder about the Egyptian civilizations and how they were built. They are geometrically constructed and the construction was very well planned out, even with the technology we have today you can not make a replica of them. There are three pyramids and a Sphinx you will see Khafre’s, Khufu’s and Menkaure’s Pyramid.

Khafre’s pyramid complex
Khafre’s pyramid complex consists of a Valley temple (sometimes referred to as the Sphinx temple), a causeway, a mortuary temple and the king’s pyramid.
Khufu’s pyramid complex
Khufu’s pyramid complex consists of a Valley Temple, now buried beneath the village of Nazlet el-Samman; basalt paving and nummulitic limestone walls have been found but the site has not been excavated
Menkaure’s pyramid complex
Menkaure’s pyramid complex consists of a Valley Temple, a causeway, a mortuary temple, and the king’s pyramid. The Valley Temple contained several statues of Menkaure.
The Sphinx
The Sphinx dates to the reign of king Khafre. A chapel was located between its forepaws. During the New Kingdom Amenhotep II dedicated a new temple to Hauron-Haremakhet and this structure was added onto by later rulers.
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