Zero Gravity Flights

For almost all people on this planet experiencing weightlessness and being in a zero gravity zone is something they always put on their bucket list. Well you can book a flight for this action any day, as you will have a chance to aboard specially modified Boeing 727 (if you are in America) or an Airbus A300 (if you are in Europe), weightlessness is achieved by doing aerobatic maneuvers known as parabolas. This is possible by making the aircraft gradually pull up its nose from and horizontal flight and start to climb up to an angle of approximately 45 degrees. This “injection” phase lasts for about 20 seconds, during which the aircraft experiences an acceleration of around 1.8 times the gravity level at the surface of the Earth, i.e. 1.8g. The engine thrust is then strongly reduced to the minimum required to compensate for air-drag, and the aircraft then follows a free-fall ballistic trajectory, i.e. a parabola, lasting approximately 20 seconds, during which weightlessness is achieved. Alternatively, for reduced gravity parabolas, the engine thrust is reduced sufficiently to a point where the remaining vertical acceleration in the cabin is approximately 0.16g for approximately 23 seconds or 0.38g for approximately 30 seconds. At the end of this period, the aircraft must pull out of the parabolic arc, a manoeuvre which gives rise to another 20 second period of 1.8g on the aircraft, after which it returns to normal level flight attitude. These manoeuvres are flown repeatedly, with a period of 3 minutes between the start of two consecutive parabolas, i.e. a 1 minute parabolic phase (20 seconds at 1.8g + 20 seconds of weightlessness + 20 seconds at 1.8g), followed by a 2 minute “rest” period at 1g. After every group of five parabolas however, the rest interval is increased to 4 to 8 minutes. During the flight there are 12-15 parabolas. Of course, you will always be informed about whats next in the flight by the experienced pilots. You will need to save up some cash for this adventure, since a flight in most places costs 4,950 dollars (3,785 euros) per person. For flights in America visit this site, and for European flights you can visit here.

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