cliff jumping

Cliff Diving

We all jump into water whether it is a pool, the sea or a bubble bath, because it is fun making twists somersaults or bombs while in air. But not many people experienced jumping from a height such as 85 feet. Can you imagine yourself standing on that height dizzy while looking at the bottom, worrying about how are you going to land in the water. Of course, few steps further and your worries are gone, your body is free falling heading to the water and it is on you to make that journey more exciting. As fun as it sounds, it is very dangerous.

With no equipment falling 45 miles per hour you have a chance of hitting a rock or bad water landing, because water is not so harmless when it comes to this speed. But this extreme sport is not just for trained experts you can do it to just find a good guide and your cliff. The biggest tournament for this and many other extreme sports is “Red Bull BC ONE”.

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