biggest zoo

San Diego Zoo

Pack your bags and take your friend, child, or even your girlfriend on a tour around the “world”. Presenting most of the animal planet to you, San Diego Zoo is one of the prestigious and largest zoos in the world. Located in California, San Diego, Balboa Park, this zoo is housing over 4,000 animals of more than 800 species. It is also one of the few zoos in the world that houses the giant panda. If you are wondering why we found this zoo so attractive, the answer would probably be in uniting… Some people come to learn, some to have fun, but it is also interesting how these two personalities are meeting in the area of its primates. Plan your trip on the official site of the San Diego Zoo. While at the zoo you can notice that it has an overhead gondola lift called the Skyfari that provides you an aerial view of the zoo. The San Diego Zoo also operates the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which displays animals in a more expansive setting than at the Zoo. The San Diego Zoo is one of the world’s few major zoos to have almost all of its major exhibits be open-air; in fact, the only major exhibition building on grounds is the Reptile House. Exhibits are often designed around a particular habitat and feature many different animals that can be found side-by-side in the wild, along with native plant life. Exhibits: Monkey Trails and Forest Tales; Owens Aviary; Scripps Aviary; Panda Trek; Polar Bear Plunge; Ituri Forest; Elephant Odyssey; Gorilla Tropics; Absolutely Apes; Bonobos; Sun Bear Forest; Tiger River. The reasonable prices of the tickets are $42 for a person over 12 years and $32 for the children from 3 to 11 years and the prices include unlimited use of Guided Bus Tour, Express Bus, Skyfari Aerial Tram. We think that this is a really cleaver idea for spending some money and time.

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