Wingsuit Base Jumping

Wingsuit jumping is basically a ride through the air with a suit that you can control and which is desined to make you slow down to a speed of 30 meters per second so that you can safely fly above the mountains. Everything in the flight is planned so there is a point where the flier reaches the moment where he has to deploy the parachute and safely land. Experienced fliers make their flight more challenging so they fly close to the ground inceasing the dose of adrenalin. Jumps are mostly done from clifs or airplanes(like a skydiving discipline), but skydivers find base jumps more interesting. More extreme jumpers also sometimes choose to start by skiing and while in the air they throw away the ski. Before getting into wingsuit jumping its highly recommended to have 500 jumps and at least 18 months of skydiving experience. The Best place for buying a wingsuit is phoenix-fly where you can get a very decent suit for around 750 dollars, however if you want more duration in your flight or some other adventeges and you have some money to spare, you can always buy a better but more expensive one. As far as sizes go you don’t have to worry since every suit is tailor made for your fittings. If you are an extreme adventurer and you want to have a mind blowing experience this attraction is exactly for you, but remember not to let the adrenalin take over your mind, play it safe. After the cut you can see some more pictures of this extreme sport along with a video displaying its awesomeness.
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