Bangkok, Thailand

This is a spectacular place, perfect for exploring Buddhist temples and palaces, perfect for partying, perfect for everything. Tall buildings of Bangkok will attract you with their beauty and style, which is unique - you can find many unusual buildings. Feel their culture, indigenous people are so good, respectful and they are proud of it.

Gateway Ekamai mall aims to offer an alternative shopping experience from the other cookie-cutter centers across Bangkok. The mall is meant to epitomise the Japanese lifestyle that Thai people embrace readily with a mix of restaurants, clothes stores, health and beauty shops, as well as an edutainment center, a large IT zone and a 24 hour supermarket. So if you are interested in shopping, this will be place you are looking for.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and really means ‘city of angels’. Bangkok is by far the most densely populated city in Thailand with about 12 million people. Bangkok was a small trading post near the mouth of the Chao Phraya River during the Ayutthaya Kingdom in the 15th century. But as we said, temples will surely be one of the most interesting things you will find and have opportunity to learn there. Hotels are also very hospitable and you can find them from most luxurious to solid price you can enjoy. Remember that the main thing is to be happy and satisfied with the time you spent.

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