bali cycle tour

Extreme Bali Cycling Tour

Hidden in Indonesia, Bali area offers you an unique tour you probably didn’t have a chance to experience, without buses and unapproachable for your vehicle. This tour is special, not only because it is extreme, but because you are cycling through the untouched nature that not so many people have seen. All you need is running shoes, sunblock, camera, hat and money for cash payment on the day ride. So challenge yourself with an extreme journey in three levels with small groups (up to 10 people). It will be a great workout cycling up the hills and through rice fields, visiting local villages. But most important of all you will have a good and exciting time while learning alot about the Indonesian culture and their way of living. Start your morning with a face wash in pure spring water from the mountain stream, and listening to the nature around you. The cycle tour starts with a delicious breakfast from the Labhagga Restaurant & Sky Lounge at Pacung village and passes through Baturiti and Tabanan onto Ubud along quiet village lanes. You will be also warmly welcomed by their traditional lunch after an extreme morning.
The prices are:
- $55 per rider
- $40 for children under 12
- $20 (Child under 5 years using child-seat)
For the extreme tour:
- $72 per adult rider
If you do not ask for an easy or extreme tour, you will do the intermediate. Most people who have been through this adventure have it engraved in their brain, and will always recommend you trying it also.
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