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Volcano Boarding

Almost everybody has tried snowboarding, but there is a much bigger challenge waiting for you called volcano boarding. It is one of the most craziest sports ever. You have to go to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain (black mountain) in central America – the only place in the world where you can surf down an active volcano. You will have a chance to fly down the 2,380 ft high Cerro Negro on a specially designed wooden (or metal) board reaching speeds of up to 50 mph (80 km per hour). Even though the sport itself is very dangerous there is also a known fact that the volcano has already erupted 20 times to date, the last time being back in 1999. This slope is 41 degrees at its steepest and the climb to the top takes around 45 minutes. This is what makes this very extreme and if you ever try it you will surely feel your adrenalin rushing like never before. When you have achieved coming down this mountain without any fear you will be able to try anything else this planet has to offer. The cost of this experience is 23 dollars plus 5 dollars (all together around 21 euros) national park entrance, includes all equipment, transport, and 2 free mojitos, beer and snacks on return to the bar. The things you should bring along are water, a camera and a pair of sturdy shoes. Protective gear, like jump suits and goggles must be used for safety reasons.

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