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Have you ever thought about running the marathon or some other similar goal like that? If you have then you are familiar with all what it takes to accomplish it. Months of hard work and training for the moment when you are all in and there is no way back. Every practice and all time you spent on work are in one “field of battle” and it is to be or not to be. Some times you fail and you are feeling really disappointed, then you wake up that spite in your heart and practice even more. What we are introducing to you is skyrunning, and it is way better challenge then a morning run or some day activities. Take a challenge against mountains with your friends on some fresh air. It is a great feeling when you finally finish the race, you start to feel energy again that gives you the happiness and you stay filled with it because of this accomplished goal. It takes courage to start this journey, but when it ends you will be feeling way filled as a person.

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