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We might not have flying cars, but we sure are getting somewhere. Shweeb is also known as ‘Suspended Capsule Biking’ and it is most popular in New Zealand. The track is built in folded galvanised steel. It is some kind of a pedal-powered monorail. Support piles are also in galvanised steel. Pods are covered with transparent plastic sheets, with ventilation holes. Front and rear long dampers are provided to limit the impact acceleration in case of pods collision and to ease the association of pods to build ‘pod trains’ which could significantly improve overall aerodynamic efficiency. It is very popular amongst adventurists. Agroventures Adventure Park in Rotorua, New Zealand is the place this attraction became famous. The amusement park ride lets you sit in a clear capsule in which you pedal to move along the monorail. 3 laps of simulated biking in the sky at Agroventures Adventure Park cost $30. It may become a new way of transport in cities. Shweeb can get you to about 60-70 kilometers per hour. To help climb ramps, an electrically powered chain installed on a track section could push the pods on a limited travel. This could also help entering stations built at a higher elevation than the track. The purpose of this elevation is to help a pod gaining momentum while descending from station track to the main line track.

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