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Paragliding over Annecy, France

Paragliding is an extreme air sport in which you are overflying a certain location and experiencing various feelings along with beautiful views from the sky. On this location you are overflying a mountain, a lake, a town and a civilization. There are a lot of apartments, villas and hotels, that offer you a luxurious stay in Annecy. While enjoying your stay, you can have your own little expedition, visit some Annecy sights such as: The Palais de l’Isle, also called the “old prison”; The Château d’Annecy (Annecy Castle); The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre; The rue Sainte-Claire; The church of Saint-Maurice; The European Gardens; The Pont des Amours; The Impérial Palace, but lets get back to paragliding.

Every day you can see a bunch of colorful paraglides in the quaint lakeside mountain town of Annecy. That is because this is one of the world’s most populous destination for paragliding. Lake Annecy in the French Alps is the second largest lake in France, and offers you a stunning jump over the beautiful landscapes. For a jump you will need to have certain qualifications:
- You must not be afraid of height.
- You must have normal weight (Men: from 80 to 120, Women: From 60 to 90).
- You need to be informed, trained and prepared for the jump.
- You need to be handsome or pretty (just kidding :) ).

Here you can see a beautiful 360° panorama and below you can see some great images along with a video.
Have fun.

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