Colmar, France

Visiting Colmar is like visiting a whole other world. Colmar is a commune in Alsace in north-eastern France. All of Colmar’s attractions are concentrated in its old town. For a medieval city, it is surprisingly big, but you can nonetheless get around on foot with no difficulty. Please note that there is no luggage storage in the train station, nor anywhere else in town according to the Colmar Tourist Bureau.

Wandering about Colmar’s old streets is the best way to explore it. There are many great sights like Maison des Tetes (House of the Heads) which is a Renaissance building decorated with faces, and the Pfister House, a marvellous old wooden house, one of the oldest in Colmar, than you have St. Martin Church which is a large church entirely made of pink stone and you have a choice to go to Unterlinden Museum which is the most interesting museum in Colmar, situated in a medieval convent near the tourist information center. You should also visit Bartholdi Museum which is dedicated to the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty, who was native to Colmar.

It is highly recommended to buy clothes and shoes in Colmar. The variety is satisfactory and the prices are lower than in neighbouring Germany, Switzerland and even Strasbourg.

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