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How to pick a Hotel?

There’s nothing better than going on holiday and staying in a fantastic hotel. It can make a good vacation into a great one, and will make you feel on top of the world. There are so many type of hotels to choose from it can often be confusing, but once you know what’s out there, making the right decision will be easy!

In the past, there was always a choice between staying in a nice hotel versus having money to spend while you’re on holiday. These days however, you can stay in some of the world’s best hotels and it won’t cost you a huge amount. How is it possible? Well the secret is more obvious than you may think- book online to find some incredible hotel deals.

Luxury hotels are at the pinnacle of holiday accommodation, and some are absolutely stunning. Whether it’s the 7 star Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi or the Dorchester in London, there’s actually a wide range to choose from. You’re generally looking at star ratings of 5 and up in the luxury category. From the stunning interior decor in rooms to beautiful cuisine in top quality restaurants, staying in a luxury hotel is an experience you’ll never forget.

Mid range hotels are the most popular by far as you get a good experience but don’t have to pay a lot for it. Generally 3 and 4 stars, this type of hotel can be found anywhere in the world, from cities to country locations. With a range of features including fitness centres, swimming pools, restaurants and spas, they are ideal for weekend getaways, especially in places like Paris or London where you can shop all day and then relax in style at night.

Cheap hotels range from 1 to 3 stars and are excellent for people on a budget. If you’re more interested in spending money in the shops, restaurants or anything else and less worried about what the accommodation looks like, they are ideal. Widely available at the last minute, you can book late rooms at discounted prices. As with other types of hotel, they are located in almost all cities which means you can enjoy the hustle and bustle without paying a lot. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you should expect the worst however, as cheap hotels are actually very comfortable.

While not strictly hotels, bed and breakfasts (B&B) and hostels are cheaper still yet very accessible and habitable. For people on gap years, travellers or simply people who want to stay somewhere for less than £10, you can’t go wrong. It’s a case of what you see is what you get, and while you shouldn’t expect luxury, you’ll find most places are quite amenable.

Clearly there’s a huge range of hotels available and choosing the right one can make a holiday into an unforgettable experience. Booking online can save you a huge amount of money. Take a look and live in luxury!

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New Year Deals: Gran Canaria’s Top Resorts and Hotels in 2014!

The New Years sales are one of the most popular shopping sprees in the world, with millions of pounds being shaved off prices everywhere! Discounts on holidays are what most people look for, and whether it’s online or in-store, you could really save yourself a fortune on flights and hotels – the only decision will be where to go!

Gran Canaria has always been a top tourist destination for many reasons. Indeed, the sun, sea and surf play a big factor in attracting tourists, but it’s the hospitality and charm of the local people, as well as history and culture of the island that makes it a top vacation spot. If you’re thinking of visiting Gran Canaria in 2014, here are some of the top resorts to keep an eye out for.

Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa

hotel cordial mogan playa gran canaria

Located in the heart of Puerto De Mogan, the Hotel Cordial Moran Playa is one of the island’s standout places to stay. Although it’s only a recent development compared to many of the older resorts, its stunning architecture, friendly staff and exceptional facilities are the main reasons that it is visited by thousands every year. With expert chefs serving the most luxurious Mediterranean dishes, beautiful public areas and swimming pools galore, a stay at the Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa will be unforgettable!

Hotel Parque Tropical

Hotel Parque Tropical

This is a real gem of a hotel, especially when you consider the aging design of many of the other high-rise hotels in Gran Canaria. Built around 1971, Hotel Parque Tropical is a great place to stay, with spectacular gardens that are situated across 9,000 sq m of land! There are over 500 different types of trees and plants in the gardens too, when make them the perfect place for an evening walk or an early morning run. The rooms are finely decorated, blending modern features with traditional soft touches, and there’s plenty of space by the pool outside too.


maspalomas gran canaria

Maspalomas encompasses the resorts of Playa del Ingles, San Agustin and Meloneras, however because they all line one side of Gran Canaria’s beautiful coastline, they’re all simply referred to as Maspalomas. Perfect for anyone looking for a cheap and cheerful time in Gran Canaria, the resorts in Maspalomas offer great facilities and exceptional service, you can also try driving down the cost of flights by using a comparison site like Furthermore, they’re only a few minutes walk from the beach, meaning if the swimming pools are too crowded you can just take a break in the sea!

Maspalomas is also surrounded by a whole host of natural features, not least the Dunes of Maspalomas, which are now a protected nature reserve. Because of these top attractions, the area of Maspalomas has become a hub for tourists all over the island, mainly older couples looking for some fine dining and a few bars to sample the local cocktails. But if you’re looking for something a little more lively, the vibrant nightlife of Playa del Ingles is only a short distance in a taxi.

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The Boutique Hotel is Back - New Reasons To Get Excited

Can we be honest for a second? The debate about hotel accommodations around the world that we’re seeing is really amusing. You might assume that it really doesn’t matter where you stay when you decide to go off on holiday. We respectfully disagree. In fact, we think that accommodations really do matter. This is to the point where we think it would be much better for you to really think about getting a great hotel than a not so great hotel.

And yet, this lets us bring up a favorite subject of ours: the boutique hotel. Instead of sitting around thinking that you just aren’t going to be able to have any fun, you can check out a boutique hotel. We think that people are going to get even more excited about boutique hotels when they really see their true value.

In short, a boutique hotel is designed to be smaller and more likely to offer you a custom experience. Gone are the days where travelers were willing to put up with anything and everything. The reality here is that you have to think about what’s really going to make your life easier. You don’t want to just drift off thinking that you are going to have a lot of struggle. The boutique experience is all about making your life easier.

Boutique Hotel

You get to have a room that doesn’t jut look like all of the other rooms. You might have some nonstandard amenities thrown in as well. Every boutique hotel is different, and that’s honestly what makes them special. You aren’t just going to get the same old experience. This can transform the way you see your travel destination, even if you’ve been to the same place over and over again for many years.

A unique range of people turn to boutique hotels, which gives you a chance to socialize. Most of these little hotels have a gathering area where guests can mingle for this reason. It never hurts to make new friends, you know!

Even though some boutique hotels are expensive, others offer a budget option that would definitely leave you more money for shopping. Some boutiques even offer gourmet food to sample, giving you a taste of the world without really having to go too far to enjoy it.

Now is the perfect time to look at a boutique hotel for your next trip. You just don’t know how much comfort and luxury you can enjoy on your own budget until you get things moving. Good luck!

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Getting the Most Out of New York Hotels

Whether you’re the tourist on a budget or you’ve got a little bit of money to burn, you want to get the best bang for your buck! New York hotels have so much to offer incoming tourists - a touch of history, a touch of class, and always fast, friendly customer service. Below is a list of great hotels, with enough choice for all types of tourists.

New York Hotels - Budget

Why sacrifice quality for price? New York Hotels set themselves up to provide the best quality at the most affordable price. If you are looking for a hotel that provides a comfortable rest without unnecessary features, look no further than the Malibu Hotel nestled conveniently in New York City’s Upper West Side. This great hotel offers dormitory-style suites that are priced to fit the budgets of those more concerned with touring the city than the hotel room! Amenities of this New York hotel include in-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, CD clock radio and telephone. It may not seem like much, but if you’re a tourist looking to just view the city, this is a perfect match. In addition to amenities, there are also nearby attractions - the hotel includes a basketball court, a bingo center, and the hotel even offers a track for runners. Furthermore, the hotel can even set up tours of the surrounding area, and give guests a great picture of all that this trendy section of New York has to offer. Catch the next subway train out and discover what the area has to offer! Rates for this New York hotel start at $45.45 a night.

There are several Internet kiosks in the lobby for those needing to send off a quick email or three. For history buffs, the Malibu hotel has a nice added bonus: it’s in a converted historical building. This is clearly a New York hotel that cannot be excluded from this category.

New York Hotels

New York Hotels - Moderate

How to get the best value for the best price is a question that New York hotels have been trying to fulfill for quite some time now. Moderately priced hotels, such as the Seaport Inn in lower Manhattan answer this timeless question with a great value that cannot be matched easily. This hotel has scenic views - nestled on the Hudson River near the South Street Seaport - which any tourist visiting the area would enjoy. The 72 rooms of this hotel are full featured, containing a refrigerator, safe, television, and a hairdryer. In addition to these added features, these comfortable rooms come with terraces and beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge. As always, other necessities can be requested from the friendly front-desk staff. In addition to the generous features of the rooms, the services and facilities of this New York hotel include laundry service, disabled access, business and childcare facilities, and air-conditioning. As an added bonus, this New York hotel is a part of Best Western International - visitors can be assured of great service and high quality.

The Seaport Inn is close by to popular attractions as well, such as the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, Little Italy, and the Financial District. If guests are a bit shy to tour the city on their own, trips can be quickly arranged by the hotel staff. Rates for these rooms start at $179 a night, a modest sum for the area. As an added bonus, children under 18 get to stay free.

New York Hotels - Expensive

For those looking for luxury first, the spectacular 70 Park Avenue Hotel is a fine specimen to view more closely. This New York hotel caters more to business travelers, but offers a plethora of features to get any visitor’s mouth salivating: laundry service, complimentary wireless access, a restaurant, around-the-clock room service, television, a safe for valuables, internet access in the lobby, conference rooms, childcare services, car rental services, and even a fitness center. With 205 rooms in total, there is room for visitors to come check out this fine hotel. This New York hotel is conveniently located next to some of the hottest attractions New York has to offer, such as Union Park, the Fifth Avenue shopping district, Broadway, and posh museums and nightclubs. Thank goodness for the noon checkout time - one can flock to the nightclubs and party till dawn, then wake up just before the sun gets too hot.

One of the best and most overlooked features of this stylish hotel is its staff. Along with contemporary facilities, the staff at this hotel makes sure to take care of any and every possible need that a guest would have. There is even a pillow menu for guests to select precisely what pillows they want best for their stay!

Rates for this hotel start from $300 a night, but can range up to $14,000 a night! It is certainly a hotel that attracts those searching for the best luxury they can find. Stay here and tour the city right!

New York Hotels - Exclusive

Finally, for those looking for the star treatment, there is always the Lowell Hotel. Situated between Park and Madison Avenues, the Lowell strives to blend luxury style with a homegrown feel. Located in the fashionable Upper East Side, this is a hotel where the suites outnumber the rooms greatly - 47 suites to just 21 rooms - while each space retains its own style and opulence. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, museums, and art galleries nearby, leaving something to visit for every traveler.

The showpiece at this New York hotel is truly the rooms. Each room has true down comforters, a marble bathroom, robes, voice mail, and a fax machine. There is a highly European style to the rooms, which visitors have commonly described as “charming”. Some of the suites offer a treat not often found in New York City - wood-burning fireplaces.

Intriguing touches that truly make this an exclusive pick are the personalized services the hotel offers - the staff try to attend to any need the guests may have, in great style - Bulgari amenties, Fiji water, and even kitchen supplies are offered without a moment’s thought. Other features include valet parking, spa and even a tearoom. For business travelers, conference rooms are provided for meetings and receptions from 12 to 40 people.

Rates for this room start at $495 a night, and suites start from $825 a night. Checkout is at 1pm, leaving extra time to enjoy the comforts this hotel has to offer.

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London Hotels

If you’re looking for somewhere to go on a last minute holiday or city break, London’s calling. With some of the most famous landmarks and monuments in the world, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time. There’s no shortage of things to do, and London hotels are renowned for being some of the best around so you can live in luxury for the duration of your visit.

From Big Ben to the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and even Trafalgar Square, London is a sightseer’s paradise. You could have lunch in Covent Garden and then go and see Buckingham Palace before catching a show in the West End. Be as busy or as relaxed as you like- London caters to all tastes.

Some of the best hotels in the world are located in the UK capital. The Ritz, the Dorchester, the Langham and the Savoy are renowned for being the highest quality, and you’ll find nothing less than luxury and total perfection. While you may have to pay a lot more for a room, if you’re looking for the ultimate London experience, it’s well worth the money.

London Hotels

Of course not everyone can afford to stay in 5 or 6 star hotels, but don’t worry as there’s a plethora of cheaper hotels around too. With prices ranging from £50 to £200 a night, you can spend as much or as little as you want. Most hotels are located within a stones throw of tourist attractions and restaurants, so you can visit everything at your leisure.

Without doubt the internet is the quickest and easiest place to book the best London hotels. Low Cost Holidays can point you in the right direction, and it’s simply a case of putting in your details, how much you want to spend and other preferences and clicking go. Hotel comparison sites will display a wide range of results so all you need to do is pick one that you like the look of and then book it. From the most luxurious hotels to the cheapest hostels, you can find anything.

The fact remains that London is one of the top 5 cities in the world to visit for sightseeing, high quality restaurants and phenomenal hotels. A trip to the UK capital is almost guaranteed to be a good time, so whether you’re looking to visit for a few days or a week, there’s no shortage of things to do or see. Find the best London hotels and have a great trip!

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Marbella Club Hotel, Spain

The Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa, is a beach resort offering a unique blend of old and new, located in a natural paradise on the shores of the Mediterranean. Guests are enjoying the most exclusive luxuries in a relaxed and intimate setting at the Marbella hotel, surrounded by exuberant gardens steeped in history and pampered by the best climate in Europe. Guests of our Marbella spa hotel are also invited to enjoy the exquisite cuisines and excellent service of the restaurants, as well as our world famous Beach Club, Golf Club, Riding Stables and Thalasso Spa. Every detail of the Marbella Club Hotel offers an unforgettable experience and distinctive touch. Those who are familiar with the Marbella Club Hotel know that, elegance is more than just a matter of style: it’s who they are.

The hotel is located on the Southern Spanish Costa del Sol, on the “Golden Mile” near Old Town Marbella and Puerto Banús. The Marbella Club Hotel was built in 1954 by Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg as his private residence. The hotel features 121 bedrooms and suites, spread over the beach front resort, and 16 Andalusian-style villas throughout 42,000 square metres (10 acres) of gardens. In 1999, the hotel completed its own private 18-hole golf course, designed by Dave Thomas. The hotel has a British P.G.A. Professional, Gary Vautier. A riding stable for hotel guests is also present. Enjoy.

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Hotel Igloo Village Kakslauttanen, Finland

Hotel Kakslauttanen is located in the Saariselkä fell area amidst beautiful Lapland scenery in the vicinity of Urho Kekkonen National Park. The Igloo Village Kakslauttanen Hotel boasts a convenient location with modern amenities in every guestroom and superb service. If you are asking why would somebody choose glass igloos in spite of a normal luxurious hotel where you can enjoy your room and privacy more than the location? Well, just imagine you laying down in your bed after an exciting day in a national park nearby and a road-trip to the Nordkap and the Arctic Ocean, when you think that the day can’t be more beautiful, you open your eyes and marvel the amazing northern lights and millions of stars in the sky. The experience is also unforgettable when there is a snowstorm.

There is more! While thinking that this hotel is not able to provide you a delightful stay, you are wrong, this Saariselka accommodation contains all of the facilities and conveniences you would expect from a hotel in its class. Each guestroom has non smoking rooms. The hotel offers sauna to provide extra pleasure and relaxation for all guests. With elegant facilities and hospitality, guests at this hotel will surely have an impressive stay. Secluded and nestled into a beautiful setting of pine trees, it features the world’s largest snow restaurant and the largest smoke sauna. It also features a snow restaurant, ice gallery, and an actual snow igloo instead of the glass. If you want a different type of wedding celebration, guess what!? There is an Ice Chapel.
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Hotel La Montaña Mágica in Hulio, Chile

As you can see, this is nothing less than a hotel that is build like a volcano-waterfall starting from the top and representing life. It is really creatively designed and breathtaking when you are standing in front of it. It is a lodge built with quality material by craftsmen of surrounding communities and Puerto Fuy Neltume, small wood-based mountain villages. La Montana Magica is located in the middle of a 120,000 hectares native forest (a UNESCO biosphere reserve). The water in these places has great purity, and from the idea, of showing the energy and life of this element, was born the project of a mountain, from which comes the life and contains the magic of the forest, finding in each of its details, the beings and elements that are unique and irreplaceable, what came to life the native forests.

The greatest luxuries, however, come from the remote natural reserve surrounding the lodge, where you can find virgin beaches, explore rivers and lagoons and discover all types of birds and fauna. As for activities, the reserve offers skiing and snowboarding in the winter, there’s a Hot Spring Lake in the middle of Lake Pirehueico which is linked by bridges and filled with thermal water, a trip to the Huilo Huilo waterfalls, and hike along the Deer Trail where you’ll find a deer farm and a boar farm. Additional activities include horseback riding, canopy tours (including the longest zip line in South America), sailing and kayaking, fly fishing, mountain biking and more.

Lodge service provides you with: - Playrooms for children - Mini golf - Reading room - Restaurant - Bar - Laundry - Sauna - Tubs in ancient trunks with naturally heated water.
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Riu Palace Aruba

In Aruba, the Riu Palace is beautifully designed and located right on Palm Beach, offering a most spectacular view of the Caribbean. The wide expense of soft, golden sand, virtually at its front door, invites you to enjoy the warm breeze wafting in from the ocean or enjoy swimming in one of the two fresh-water pools.

All rooms have air-conditioning, satellite TV, phone, minibar, liquor dispenser, iron and board and hairdryer. Double rooms have 2 double beds and Juliette balcony. Junior suites have double beds with partial or full sea view and balcony. Suites have a king-size bed, integrated lounge area, hydro-massage bath, bathrobes, balcony or terrace with partial sea views. Suites also have a Jacuzzi on the terrace.

There is no doubt that this is the hotel for you if you are looking for a peaceful hotel where the biggest worry is if you brought your sun cream on the beach with you. It will help you relax and free your mind so that you can enjoy yourself. This is a really good place, with good food, with good people, with good reputation. There is no reason not to like this place, so get ready for your next vacation in Aruba.

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Grand Hyatt Bali Hotel, Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesian beauty! Visit and enjoy one of the Nusa Dua’s most luxurious sights - the Grand Hyatt Bali. Relax with a first-class treatment and be ready to spend a little bit on yourself. Grand Hyatt Bali provides a wide range of services guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning guests. Business Centre is located within the Resort Centre at the lobby area and is fully equipped with advanced office equipment. Reserve a spa treatment, go for a walk and feel the life of Indonesian people, get your living balanced and calm.

The rooms at the Grand Hyatt Bali all feature balconies. There are also private baths with every room, and they are provided with rain showers and marble floors. The hotel provides drinking water, flowers and bathroom amenities such as slippers and robes. There are over 650 rooms available at this hotel. The resort’s Shopping Arcade offers a large variety of quality shops, including Grand Hyatt Bali’s drugstore, jewelry shop, handicraft shops, resort apparel boutiques and souvenir shops. Grand Hyatt Bali is set amidst lagoons, landscaped gardens and six hotel swimming pools. Two deluxe beachfront hotel villas and a self-contained Hyatt Grand Club village pamper VIP hotel guests. This hotel also has the biggest beach property of all 5star hotels Nusa Dua keeps.

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