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Every year we have new wishes and goals, and this will be the next perfect challenge for you. It is a best way for getting in a good shape and better for achieving a goal, because of the emotions you are filled with. Many also consider that when you finish this sort of an event that you in a way conquered the physical world. Thriathlon is a multi-sport event with three different continuously events. Those three sports are swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. World’s most famous race is the Ironman, it includes a swim of 2.4 miles (3.9 km), a bike ride of 112 miles (180 km), and a marathon run of 26.219 miles (42.195 km). Participants in triathlon often use the sport to improve or maintain their physical fitness. It is very important to be ready for this kind of experience, because of the effort you will be forced to answer with. Marathon runners are the most usual people entering this kind of an event, because they know the wonderful feeling of finishing such a huge task. No matter how hard this is you have to continue to struggle when you are doing something like this, we promise that you will experience something heavenly when you finish it all.

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Scuba Diving

Explore the water planet and enjoy the beauty of the world ocean, get a scuba set and a guide to learn the basics of diving. Before you head to the ocean, have a lesson in a pool - how to breathe etc. because it is important to keep your safety on the best possible level. As children most of us liked to dive, to compete in breath-holding, to hunt sea urchins or some fishes, so go back to your childhood happiness and have fun exploring the underwater nature.

SCUBA is an acronym for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. It is a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a scuba set to breathe underwater. Depending on the purpose of the dive, a diver usually moves underwater by swim fins attached to the feet, but external propulsion can come from an underwater vehicle, or a sled pulled from the surface. Be careful, but not that much to ruin the excitement. Have in mind that if you choose to try scuba diving you will be spending your summer mostly in water because this is a disease which will infect you after your first expedition.

Standard equipment includes a diving mask or full face diving mask and snorkel, swimfins or scuba fins, dry suit, wetsuit or regular swimsuit (depending on the water temperature, buoyancy compensator or buoyancy control device (BCD), diving weighting system or weight belt, diving cylinder or scuba tank, diving regulator, contents gauge or submersible pressure gauge (SPG), dive computer or depth gauge and timer and surface marker buoy or other surface detection aid.

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Sky Walk in Costa Rica

This post is dedicated to all the nature lovers. The Sky Walk is a well-thought-out combination of suspension bridges and walking trails through the Monteverde rainforest. These bridges bring you face to face with the upper level of the forest canopy. There are six bridges in total, the longest of which spans some 300 meters (984 feet). The trails extend for slightly over a mile and a half (2.5 km), making this tour extremely feasible for anyone in moderate shape. The climb is not strenuous or muddy, as the trails are well-maintained and generally very flat.

Local guides accompany each tour and help travelers learn about native plant and animal species. Biologists now know that about 90 percent of all organisms in a rainforest are found in the canopy. The sun that barely reaches the forest floor strikes treetops with full force, fueling the photosynthesis that eventually results in leaves, fruit and seeds. Since there’s a bounty of good food way up there, animals abound in the canopy as well. Many plants in Monteverde’s cloud forests are specially adapted to absorb moisture directly from the ever-present mist. Epiphytes (plants that live on trees in order to reach the sunlight) are plentiful in these forests, adding to the water-gathering ability of the trees. However, the epiphytes are not parasites—they feed off water, dust and nutrients that accumulate around their own roots.

The duration of the tour is about two to three hours and groups can not be larger than 10 people. It is also worth noting that reservations are recommended, especially in July and August and from December till May.

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We might not have flying cars, but we sure are getting somewhere. Shweeb is also known as ‘Suspended Capsule Biking’ and it is most popular in New Zealand. The track is built in folded galvanised steel. It is some kind of a pedal-powered monorail. Support piles are also in galvanised steel. Pods are covered with transparent plastic sheets, with ventilation holes. Front and rear long dampers are provided to limit the impact acceleration in case of pods collision and to ease the association of pods to build ‘pod trains’ which could significantly improve overall aerodynamic efficiency. It is very popular amongst adventurists. Agroventures Adventure Park in Rotorua, New Zealand is the place this attraction became famous. The amusement park ride lets you sit in a clear capsule in which you pedal to move along the monorail. 3 laps of simulated biking in the sky at Agroventures Adventure Park cost $30. It may become a new way of transport in cities. Shweeb can get you to about 60-70 kilometers per hour. To help climb ramps, an electrically powered chain installed on a track section could push the pods on a limited travel. This could also help entering stations built at a higher elevation than the track. The purpose of this elevation is to help a pod gaining momentum while descending from station track to the main line track.

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Noah’s Ark Water Park in Wisconsin Dells

Sure, we have written a lot about the experiences in air but now that summer is coming we decided it is time to tell you more about the experiences that you can enjoy under the hot sun. One of them is this water park you can find in Wisconsin Dells, named Noah’s Ark. This park is one of the best water parks in the world, and a popular tourist attraction. Many of its water slides are world’s most famous because of crazy feelings you get while on them. Black Anaconda; America’s Most Thrilling Water Coaster; Time Warp; the World’s Largest Bowl Ride; and the spine-tingling new Scorpion’s Tail; America’s First Near-Vertical Looping Water slide; those are the names you will come to if you are looking for an awesome ride, but of course, these are not the only ones that will bring you the excitement. There are many other various attractions Wisconsin Dells water park offers. You can plan your visit and buy some tickets on the Noah’s Ark Water Park Official Site. So if you are thinking of spending your summer the fun way, we warmly recommend this park for you.

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Alpine Slide

An alpine slide is a long chute on the side of a hill, usually built by ski resorts to supplement summer income. A wheeled cart is used to navigate the slide. The ride is similar to a bobsled ride, except that it rolls over a smooth track, generally cement, stainless steel, or even fiberglass rather than sliding on ice. The cart usually supports one or two passengers and is controlled by a hand brake located between the rider’s legs. It is quite simple, pulling the hand brake handle causes the cart to stop pushing or letting go of the handle causes to brakes to release and allow the cart to accelerate. The length of the ride is usually around 1/4 mile (400 meters). The great thing about this is that the rider has control over his or her speed and ride experience. However the rider does have to ensure that the cart is not going too fast, otherwise it is possible that the cart will overturn at curves causing the possibility of injury and sometimes death. After the first photo you can see where to find Alpine slides. At the end of the post you can also see a great video displaying how fun this actually is.
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This is another option for you to get that amazing flying feeling. A zip line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable, usually made of stainless steel, by holding on or attaching to the freely moving pulley. The good thing about ziplining is that it is quite common around the world, you don’t have to travel to some other country to go on this journey. Also they are cheap, and of course the rides are very safe and easy to use. The users are physically attached to the cable by wearing a harness which attaches to a removable trolley. A helmet is required on almost all courses of any size, also thick purpose-built leather gloves are highly recommended. A user can always be stopped with a hand brake at the end of the zip line which is operated by someone else. Some zip lines are used for true transportation value while others are purely for recreation and amusement. You only live once, so I advise you to go with a couple of friends and experience this phenomenal feeling. Below you can see some more ziplining photos along with a video of the longest and fastest zip line.

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Thorpe Park in London

When people look back on their childhood they regret how they spent it, and they don’t understand why they wanted to grow up so fast. So we found this attractive park in London, the Thorpe Park, where you can go back and be a child at least for a day. Take a little cash from your wallet, and dedicate some time to London’s biggest attraction. You can expect plenty of thrilling experiences and events with a big smile. On the Thorpe Parks official site you can book your visit, find it on this link and take a ride back to your childhood. If you are having a trip to London and planning to have some fun, there are many hotels near the park you can also book here. The music played at Thorpe park is a combination of commercial tracks, library music and commissioned music. Some special events are:
* Fright Nights - For a period during October the park opens until 10 pm on peak days to allow guests to ride in the dark. To continue the loose Halloween celebration, special temporary attractions such as scare mazes are constructed for the event.
* Thorpe Blast - Usually active in early November, all attractions remain open until 8 pm and a fireworks display with popular music end the night—hence the name, Thorpe Blast.
* Sun Scream - Sun Scream is a Dr Pepper sponsored event during August which offers ‘stunts, rides and festival vibes’. During this time various shows and events take place throughout the park.
* Cirque du Freak/Twisted Carnival/THORPE PARK Mash Up - An annual event that takes place during Easter, past acts have included Flawless, Skate Naked, Aerial Acrobatics and contortion.
* Head Rush - An extreme sporting event involving motocross stunts. Based in the Arena at Thorpe Park you can witness daredevils take to the ramps on motorbikes in a freestyle motocross bonanza.
* Thorpe Park Blows It Up - An extreme firework show, just be surprised.
* Reload: Under 18′s Club Night - The park held an event so people under 18 could experience a club night with a select few rides open.
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Bungee Jumping

Most of you probably know what this is all about, but unfortunately the same amount didn’t try it out yet. Unlike the other air sports where you have a planned landing, bungee jumping is a bit different because you are bouncing around everywhere, which makes this attraction more exciting. Starting from a high construction, bridge, cliff, hot-air-balloon or even a helicopter, you are tied up to an elastic rope that enables you to keep bouncing back. It is not suitable for people with stomach problems and height frightness. Of course, there is a risk of big injuries but they very rarely happen, so our advice is take your jump from a well known area. The downside of bungee jumping is that is has been shown to increase stress and decrease immune function, that is of course if you are doing this several times a year, you won’t have a problem with trying it a few times. Yes, this is another experience filled with adrenalin, but that is what we are aiming for, because if you are living a free life you will have a free soul and a happy mind. The tallest bungee is Macau Tower in China reaching the height of 233 meters (You can see how the jump looks like in the video below).
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Have you ever thought about running the marathon or some other similar goal like that? If you have then you are familiar with all what it takes to accomplish it. Months of hard work and training for the moment when you are all in and there is no way back. Every practice and all time you spent on work are in one “field of battle” and it is to be or not to be. Some times you fail and you are feeling really disappointed, then you wake up that spite in your heart and practice even more. What we are introducing to you is skyrunning, and it is way better challenge then a morning run or some day activities. Take a challenge against mountains with your friends on some fresh air. It is a great feeling when you finally finish the race, you start to feel energy again that gives you the happiness and you stay filled with it because of this accomplished goal. It takes courage to start this journey, but when it ends you will be feeling way filled as a person.
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