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Bungee Jumping

Most of you probably know what this is all about, but unfortunately the same amount didn’t try it out yet. Unlike the other air sports where you have a planned landing, bungee jumping is a bit different because you are bouncing around everywhere, which makes this attraction more exciting. Starting from a high construction, bridge, cliff, hot-air-balloon or even a helicopter, you are tied up to an elastic rope that enables you to keep bouncing back. It is not suitable for people with stomach problems and height frightness. Of course, there is a risk of big injuries but they very rarely happen, so our advice is take your jump from a well known area. The downside of bungee jumping is that is has been shown to increase stress and decrease immune function, that is of course if you are doing this several times a year, you won’t have a problem with trying it a few times. Yes, this is another experience filled with adrenalin, but that is what we are aiming for, because if you are living a free life you will have a free soul and a happy mind. The tallest bungee is Macau Tower in China reaching the height of 233 meters (You can see how the jump looks like in the video below).

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