Barbados is an island in the Caribbean, northeast of Venezuela. Getting around Barbados can be by the bus system, which is extensive, cheap and fast if you are headed to somewhere on the main route, but a car is the only way to see many of the out-of-the-way sights. Many drivers will hold a bus for you if they see you are from out of town, reflecting the typical welcoming spirit.

There are a few things you must see Barbados, and these are:
Botanical Garden - In the interior there is a beautiful Botanical Garden with more fauna information than most similar places across the planet.
Cricket, Kensington Oval, Bridgetown - Check for if there’s a game to experience west indies cricket.
Mount Gay Rum Distillery Ltd., Spring Garden Highway, Bridgetown, Saint Michael, - The tour takes about 45 minutes and includes a rum tasting.
You may also choose to go on Atlantis Submarine Tours (which is one of the most exciting things you can do in the Caribbean since you dive down nearly 50m below sea level in a real submarine), Segway Tours (a great way to see some of the northern coast in a comfortable, but still adventurous way are the rides on Segways through the countryside), Catamaran Cruises (a catamaran cruise with opportunities to snorkel with sea turtles and snorkel above shipwrecks). We also suggest you go scuba diving and nightclubbing.

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