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A Look at What Makes Successful Hotels Click

If asked to name a famous hotel, many people will immediately name the Hotel Ritz, or the Waldorf Astoria, or the Burj al Arab in Dubai. This can be true whether these people have stayed at these hotels or not. But what is that elusive thing which makes people remember these memorable hotels?

Some of this is definitely due to novelty and the wow factor. The Burj al Arab is a great example of this. Not only is it built to look like the sail of a boat, but it is a super-giant structure which is built on an artificial man-made island. This makes it memorable and famous for a lot of people, despite the unusual name.

Another prime example is the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. How about a hotel with six thousand rooms for a memorable location? And yet this enormous hotel complex is run smoothly and with little fuss by its hordes of service staff. If anything goes wrong, or any situation arises, the staff acts swiftly and in a timely manner. How do they act so quickly?

A memorable history can also add value and make a hotel famous. One such is the famous Watergate Complex in Washington D.C. Does the infamous name ring a bell? It is the site of the political scandal involving former U.S. President Richard Nixon.

While many of these hotels are truly famous for their smooth, seemingly effortless service, the truth is that this is achieved through flawless communication. This can be helped by using two-way radio communicators. These communicators can be indispensable if something goes wrong or if there is an emergency situation. The staff throughout the hotel complex can be immediately informed and the necessary staff can act quickly. But even in the day-to-day running of the hotel, a staff informed of the daily chores and activities are happier in their jobs and more confident in dealing with the customers.

There is no service charge and no call charges to be paid. The hotel benefits from having a smooth trouble-free image, the staff benefits because they know what they are supposed to be doing. And the customers benefit because they have a memorable experience and stay.

Not all hotels can achieve an international reputation among their customers because they may be small, local companies, but they can certainly learn the secrets and techniques of the big guys. They can be successful and renowned in their own right.

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